Living in harmony with San Domingo Cove.

Developing St. Michaels' premier new waterfront community is a privilege that comes with tremendous responsibility. We have put great effort into protecting the waterfront and restoring the wetlands of San Domingo Cove. Our piers are designed with Ecograte Decking, which supports subaquatic vegetation and fosters a healthier environment. We’ve also preserved acres of mature woodlands and over 60% of the community will remain undeveloped to ensure our wildlife residents have plenty of room to flourish. So what can you do to contribute? Here are some simple ways you can help ensure a thriving Chesapeake for many years to come.


Tips for a healthier Chesapeake


When you landscape your home, use grasses and plants native to the Chesapeake that don’t require lots of water, or fertilizer, a big source of nitrogen and phosphorus pollution.

When you do fertilize, choose natural, organic fertilizers. Create your own organic compost to give your lawn the nutrients it needs without chemicals or other harmful by-products.

Plant trees. In addition to providing oxygen and shade, their roots hold soil in place, which prevents erosion and fertilizer and chemicals from running into San Domingo Creek.

Dispose of chemicals properly. Oil, anti-freeze, paint, cleaners, and prescription drugs should never be poured down a household or storm drain. For hazardous waste disposal, click here.

Build a rain garden or rain barrel to minimize stormwater runoff and reduce your own water consumption when watering plants and grasses.

Welcome wildlife. Install bird houses, duck boxes, and nesting areas and make your yard a haven for the Chesapeake’s native and migratory wildlife.


Keep your grass on the taller side. In addition to staying greener during the hottest months, taller grasses help prevent weeds, allow roots to reach deeper, and reduce runoff.

Help keep trash out of the Chesapeake by keeping your own yard clean and making sure your trash cans are covered at all times. And when you see litter, please take a moment to pick it up.

Drive less, pedal more. Biking is a great, eco friendly way to get around town. Flat roads and trails make it easy to explore nearby parks, attractions, and the surrounding horse country.

Drive less, paddle more. Get yourself a kayak or a canoe and start exploring the watery nooks and crannies of St. Michaels. Experience the beauty of the Chesapeake up close and personal.